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Class Hours and Location
Monday evening:  6:00pm - 9:50pm at MGH 271

Text and Supplies
During thi
s course you will need access to:

Course Policies

You must contribute to class discussions regularly to successfully complete this course.  In class, we will discuss texts that will help you complete the major assignments.  You may not make up missed class sessions (e.g., in-class learning activities) later in the quarter. If you will be absent from class on the day an assignment is due, you should make arrangements to turn in that assignment on or before the assigned date.

Late Assignments
You should not turn in your assignments late. If you do not turn in your major assignments by the dates indicated on the class schedule, they are late.  For every day an assignment is late, it is worth ten percent less than its original value. Assignments more than 5 days late will receive no credit.

On several occasions you will be responsible for reporting information to the class.  You will also be participating in class workshops, during which you should make a contribution to your peers’ efforts.  Active participation in class discussions will help you develop the knowledge you will need to successfully complete this course.

Assignment Quality
As a graduate student, you should produce polished documents that reflect the highest standards of professional writing.  For major class assignments, you should produce final documents with few errors (grammar, mechanics, etc.).  The standard for the final version of major assignments in this class is no more than one error per 100 words.  

You are responsible for reading all of the material identified on the course schedule plus the additional readings assigned during the quarter.  Record questions you have about the material and discuss them with the instructor or the class as needed.

This quarter, you will be asked to contribute to the success of your colleagues’ projects by providing them with feedback on their works-in-progress.  Your participation in the workshop will be graded for the quality, usefulness, and insightfulness of your comments.  You will also be collaborating with colleagues on some assignments.

The assignments you complete for this class should represent your own, original scholarly work. Please consult the related HCDE department guidelines for additional information about academic conduct and plagiarism:

UWHCDE Classroom Research
For information about classroom research in UWHCDE and your role in it, please see:

Final grades for this course will be reported using the standard grading system of the University of Washington.  Numerical grades are equivalent to letter grades as shown below. You must satisfactorily complete all assignments to earn a passing grade in this course.

3.9-4.0      A
3.5-3.8      A-
3.2-3.4      B+
2.9-3.1      B
2.5-2.8      B-
2.2-2.4      C+
1.9-2.1      C
1.5-1.8      C-
1.2-1.4      D+
0.9-1.1      D
0.7-0.8      D-
0.0-0.6      E

The assignments for this class and their related percentage values for calculating final grades are shown in the table below.  Also see the Assignments portion of this website.

 Assignments Percentage
Participation (reading responses, classroom exercises, etc)
Project Proposal
Activity Reports (3)
Project Recommendation Briefing Book and Presentation

Students with disabilities
Please talk to the instructor immediately if you have a need for unique arrangements to support your learning in this class.

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