The assignments for this class and their related percentages values for calculating final grades are shown below:

 Assignments Percentage
Participation (reading responses, classroom exercises, etc)
Individual Blog Posts (2) 20%
Research Activity Reports (3)
Project Recommendation Briefing book and Presentation

Project Overview

UCD work is most often structured according to a plan shared by those responsible for the process and other relevant stakeholders. Such plans vary according to organizational constraints, the nature of the design project, etc. Some plans are embedded in proposals and others take the form of a detailed project schedule.


For this assignment, you will be working with your team members to create a proposed UCD process that would be valuable and appropriate for supporting your team’s overall project. That work will include a three-part study of user requirements, prototyping and a recommendation briefing book.

Work with your team members to create a project overview of your mobile application.

  • An introduction to the mobile application you will design.
  • Identification of the three user requirement research activities your group will perform as part of its HCD redesign process.
  • A justification for those three activities and of how you have sequenced them to best support your group's redesign work, and
  • A high-level schedule of activities, tasks, responsibilities, and resources needed to execute your proposed plan.