HCDE 518: User-Centered Design

Class Calendar
Please note that changes may be made to the class calendar. When such changes are made, they will be announced in class and on the main page of this class site.  The readings for each week will provide a combination of theory, research methods, and idea/thought papers.

Unless otherwise noted all assignments are due on the Sunday evening (by midnight) before our Monday evening classes.  All assignments should be sent by email to both Skip Walter and Taylor Scott.

Week 1 — 09/24/12 — Introductions, Course Overview, HCD Overview Exercises

Lecture:  “Seeing What Matters”

In Class Exercises: user observation, insights and design for a legal eDiscovery tool

Class Project and Assignments Introduction


  • Submit personal descriptive data for team formation (teamology)
  • Observe customers in a real-world bookstore analyze
  • Develop pitch for class project


Slides:  9/24 Introductory Class Slides

Week 2 — 10/1/12 — User Research, Introduction of Class Project

Lecture: Introduction to User Research and Details of Class Project

Project Team Formation

Examples of Research Articles:

  Research Based Article - "An Insight on designers' sketching activities in traditional vs digital media"

  Theory or Opinion Article - "Design Research and the New Learning"


  Hassle Map Chapter from Slywotzky Demand 

DUE: Personal Information for team formation, write-up of Bookstore Observation and analysis, and project concept proposal


Slides:  10/1/12 Class 2 Slides

Week 3 — 10/8/12 — User Research

Guest Lecture: Jacob Fleischer, Drawing, Sketching, Concept Prototyping and Visual Language Exercises (due to a travel conflict Jacob is lecturing this week and Taylor will lecture next week)

Key Readings:

Understanding Your Users by Catherine Courage and Kathy Baxter (see Chapters 1 and 13 - this book is available online through UW Library System)

* "Methods to Support Human Centered Design" - Martin Maguire

* POEMS Framework - Faster, Cheaper, Deeper User Research - Whitney and Kumar

* AEIOU: "The Origin of Cool Things" by Rick Robinson.

Extra Readings:

DUE: Project Overview and Straw Plan, Selected Research Article for Blog Post

Slides:  10/08/12 Class 3 Slides

Week 4 — 10/15/12 — Prototyping

Guest Lecture:  Taylor Scott on Qualitative User Research and Grounded Theory

Key Readings:

DUE:  User Research Activity 1 Write-up (TEAM)

Slides:  10/15/12 Class 4 Slides from Taylor Scott

Resource:  Paper Prototyping by Carolyn Snyder Chapter 1

Week 5 — 10/22/12 — Prototyping

* Video - "How and when prototyping practices affect design performance"

DUE: Individual Blog Post #1 (delayed to next week)

Blog Post Assignment Description

Groupon Bored and Hungry

Activity 2 Example 1

Activity 2 Example 2

*Slides:  10/22/12 Class 5 Slides on Prototyping

Week 6 — 10/29/12 — Value


* Net Promoter Score - "The One Number You Need to Grow" - Frederick Reichheld

* "Creating Economic Value by Design" - John Heskett

* "Multi-Sided Platforms" - Andrei Hagui

DUE: Concept Prototype Activity 2 Writeup (TEAM)

DUE: Individual Blog Post #1

Slides:  10/29/12 Value and Viability Slides    10/29/12 Value Creation Theory Slides

Notes on Value and Viability

Class notes from 10/29/12

Week 7 — 11/5/12 — Value, Values and Viability

* Slides:  11/05/12 Human Values

Activity 3 Example 1

Activity 3 Example 2

Place-Based Knowledge in the Digital Age

David Whyte's Pilgrimage Story

David Whyte's Camino

DUE: Informal presentation by each team - 30 second elevator pitch, positioning statement, business model, story

Week 8 — 11/12/12 — Veterans Day (No Class)

DUE:  Individual Blog Post #2

* Final Project Deliverable Description

* Briefing Book Template Description  


Week 9 — 11/19/12 — User Experience

Guest Lecture:  John Dirks, BlinkUX

DUE:  Activity 3 Writeup (TEAM)

* Slides:  

Week 10 — 11/26/12 — User Experience, Workshop on Presentations

DUE: Draft Slides (TEAM)

Week 11 — 12/3/12 — Final Presentations

Due:  Final Presentations (TEAM)

Finals Week - 12/10/12

DUE: Final Briefing Book (TEAM)

NOTE:  No Class.  Turn in Final Briefing book Electronically